kathy-picOne of the main reasons Kathy decided to become a real estate investor is that she realized that no bank employee selling mutual funds, no fund manager cares about her and her hard earned after tax money that she had put into mutual funds.  It seemed that every year that she met with the bank or mutual fund manager, they were always optimistic about getting "on average return" on her money of about 12% API. Month after month, year after year, the money in her mutual fund account either diminished or never seemed to increase while she noticed that the exorbitant fees were still getting paid. All they had to say was let's transfer the mutual funds to another one of their type of account, and to invest for the long term.  NO, the longer her money stayed in their investments, the more money they made OFF her investments – she was not benefitting.  They had no regard that they were the only ones that were making money on her money.  


In 2008-2009, Kathy Long, a recent divorced, single mother of 3 teenage boys made a decision to take charge of her own financial future.  She knew that real estate investing was the right path for her, and took MASSIVE ACTION to make it happen.  In fact within a period of 24 months, Kathy had acquired 21 rental doors.   


Kathy had the realization that no one else cared for her financial future as much as she did.  She recognized that no financial advisor or one bank employee would ever care for investing her money as much as she did.  With dreams of providing a better lifestyle for her and her boys, she set out to learn and to surround herself with like-minded investors and to take action to step toward her investing goals.




Since that time, Kathy has used the power of attracting investors and raising capital to add on to her booming real estate business.  Kathy has been a professional full time real estate investor – since reaching financial freedom in 3.5 years.   She is proud of being able to assist her joint venture partners also to achieve their financial freedom dreams. She has set out the intention to help others she has had the opportunity to meet in person or through her newsletter to encourage them too to achieve their real estate investing dreams.


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kiyosakiSome of Kathy’s other accomplishments are:

Canada’s Positive Cashflow Queen

YWCA Woman of Distinction Nominee 2014, Business and Entrepreneur

Past President, Toastmasters Club

Acquired 21 doors in 24 months

Owner and Property Manager for real estate

Practitioner Intern, Centre for Spiritual Living

Contributing writer for Canadian Profits Magazine

100% success in returning investor money

Acquired financial freedom within a 3 year period

Over 25 years of acquisition and management of businesses and real estate

Graduate of the Hoffman Process